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Our top priority is to provide customers high-quality products and popular brands in time to meet their retail needs. We strive to be the first choice for buyers looking for high-quality leather products, clothing, and accessories at reasonable prices. We are an international brand with a boutique-style approach to design and fashion. We create our collections with a different approach to the industry, offering products that we believe are both unique and of high quality with a unique design aesthetic.

Our Company is synonymous with quality.
CH Trading Company has developed as a leading vendor for various leather goods, clothing, and accessories for men and women of all ages.
Our company aims at offering superior products under price with excellent customer service.

You can rely on CH Trading Company’s commitment to quality and fashion. For special occasions, casual night business trips, industrial work, or duty work, We make quality products, and we're delivering them quickly. We focus on many product categories: belts, wallets, purses, headwear, jeans, etc.

Using our commercial, manufacturing and management experience, we continuously train our sales department with modern and professional techniques that allow us to offer our customers fast and diverse services. We guarantee the quality of all our products by complying with an accurate production time.

Our Products

At CH Trading Company, we specialize in belts, wallets, handbags, headwear, jeans, etc. We are always looking for new items to expand our product category.

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